Not sure if I want the American B13


Failing to make a box office ripple stateside, the Luc Besson produced flicks District B13 and D13-U are to be forgiven for their absurd letter and numbering systems. They’re of a precious few spectacles putting emphasis on action rather than technology which, I’m sorry to say, make them distinctly unamerican.

Puzzling then, that Besson has announced his intention to make Brick Mansions, a totally fresh English language art house drama with the following identical-to-DB13-and/or-U plot, inserting the word “Chicago” where necessary. If anyone but Sasha Grey replaces Dany Verissimo, the hundred pound pornstar supposedly born Dany Malalatiana Petit, this whole thing is a sham. Original B13 “actors” also include the inventor of parkour, who will reprise his roll in the remake, and a brilliant choreographer, now switched out for Paul Walker.

Here’s the tweaked synopsis by EuropaCorp:

Chicago suburbs: nobody has control over Brick Mansions. Damien, an undercover cop, is facing an extreme mission: a mass-destruction weapon was stolen by Tremaine, the most powerful drug dealer in the Ghetto and Damien needs to infiltrate the gang to defuse the bomb. To accomplish his mission, he needs help from someone who knows well Brick Mansions: Lino, an expert at getting out of trouble with his extraordinary agility. Lino has had problems with the police in the past, but needs the mission to rescue his sister abducted by Tremaine. Will he accept joining forces with Damien?…Will they succeed in bringing down Tremaine?

[Via Twitch and Deadline]