Now Playing: NYFF In 30 Seconds or Less

Flixist announces its coverage of the 2013 New York Film Festival: NYFF In 30 Seconds or Less

Between Hubert and I, we’re going to be seeing a whole lot of movies at the New York Film Festival this year. Some of them will be worthwhile, others won’t, but we want to cover them all. That being said, we don’t necessarily want to review them all. Enter NYFF In 30 Seconds or Less, a new video series that may or may not make its way to other festivals in the future. It’s simple: as soon as Hubert or I leave the theater, we talk into a camera about our reactions. It’s off the cuff, not extremely thought out, and thirty seconds long. And each talk will be exactly thirty seconds long, measured by a timer animated by the always-excellent Jordan Mann.

If either of us talk longer than 30 seconds (and we undoubtedly will), we will be cut off mid-thought/sentence/word. We have to state our case simply, quickly, and concisely. (I expect that our later videos will be more successful than our earlier ones.)

But because there will be more than two dozen of these videos, I won’t be able to put them all on the front page. At the end of each week, we will do a video roundup, but they will be up on YouTube much sooner (our current plan is that a new one one will be up every single day). Already we’ve got half a dozen videos in the works, so you should seriously subscribe to our YouTube channel

And of course check back to the Flixist front page, where we will be expanding upon these immediate impressions with full reviews of many of these films. It will be especially fascinating to see if there are any initial impressions wildly contradicted by the final review. That’s happened more than a couple of times.