Now You See Me 3 in development already


Remember Now You See Me? Sean liked it a lot, but it was pretty much a one trick poney… or so we thought. The sequel, Now You See Me: The Second Act, is something we knew about and were stunned by, but despite it not releasing until June 10 of next year a third film in the series has gone into development. Now You See Me 3 is happening despite the fact that almost everyone has forgotten about the original by now.

According to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer this is thanks to the company’s focus on producing more franchises thanks to their success with things like Twilight and The Hunger Games. That’s great for them, but forcing a franchise out of a film that was a single movie seems a bit of a stretch. I suppose heist films are always fun and the magic part adds a certain level of originality, but the twist is done now and I can’t say the heist part of the original was all that great. 

On the plus side Lizzy Caplan is replacing Isla Fisher for the sequel, which I think is an upgrade. Everyone else is coming back for the second one with Jon M. Chu directing so it sounds like folks are locked in for the long haul now though no confirmation on them all returning for 3 yet.

Matthew Razak
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