Now You See Me conjures up a sequel


You know, Now You See Me wasn’t a horrible film, but I didn’t think it was as great as all that. I, however, am in the minority (your wish is coming true, Sean) as the movie was one of the surprise hits of the summer in a summer where a lot of films that were supposed to be hits were not. It easily broke $100 million domestically, and when a movie makes money that means a sequel is bound to happen, and so it is according to THR.

Details amount to “they’re making a sequel,” which means we don’t know who will direct, if the stars will return or what the plot will be. That last point is crucial because Now You See Me had a pretty definitive ending that didn’t really warrant a franchise. I didn’t think the film is some classic that must be left alone like Casablanca, but a sequel is far from necessary. 

According to the report shooting should start in 2014 meaning a release in 2015 is possible. Just have to wait to see how they stretch this plot out. 

Matthew Razak
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