NYAFF Midnight Movie: Boxer’s Omen


[For the month of July, we will be covering the New York Asian Film Festival and the (also New York-based) Japan Cuts Film Festival, which together form one of the largest showcases of Asian cinema in the world. For our NYAFF coverage, head over here. For Japan Cuts, here.]

The 2012 New York Asian Film Festival kicks off tomorrow night with War of the Arrows and Vulgaria, and then caps the evening with the cult classic Boxer’s Omen (1983). A black magic martial arts movie from Shaw Brothers Studios, it looks absolutely bonkers. The entire movie is apparently just as madcap as the clip above. Here’s a synopsis from the NYAFF:

Stalwart kung fu lead Philip Ko travels to Thailand after his brother is killed by muscle-bound martial monster, Bolo Yeung (Enter the Dragon), during a kickboxing match. Ko enlists a Buddhist monk to help him get revenge, but finds out that his fate is entangled with the fate of another monk who, in trying to achieve immortality, lost a battle with an evil wizard and now… whatever. Because the main attraction here is the non-stop, ever-escalating black magic that makes up nearly 75% of the running time.

Though available on video, Boxer’s Omen looks like the sort of movie that should be experienced at midnight in a crowded theater. Look for our review early next week. If you’re in New York, look for me at the screening.

[Boxer’s Omen will be screening at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater Friday, June 29th at 11:59 PM]

Hubert Vigilla
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