NYC: House director Nobuhiko Obayashi in town this week


Japanese filmmaker Obayashi Nobuhiko is in New York this week, making a rare appearance overseas. Obayashi is the man behind the incredible 1977 film House (Hausu), which Alec wrote about for The Cult Club a couple months ago. (You can read the House Cult Club piece here. And no, it’s not the William Katt movie.)

Several of Obayashi’s films will be shown at MoMA as part of their film series “Art Theater Guild and Japanese Underground Cinema, 1960-1986.” Obayashi will introduce the following MoMA screenings:

  • Thursday, December 6th – Tenkosei (aka Transfer Student / Exchange Students / I Am You, You Are Me)
  • Friday, December 7th – Haishi (The Deserted City)
  • Satuday, December 8th – Underground (Shorts) Program I: Nobuhiko Obayashi and Yoichi Takabayashi

Obayashi will be also be in attendance at Anthology Film Archives on Sunday, December 9th to screen four of his early short films. There will be a Q & A after the screening. Twitch notes that Marc Walkow of Subway Cinema is trying to arrange for a screening of House in New York while Obayashi is in town. We will keep you posted as soon as details on that become available.

For more information about the film series at MoMA, go here. To learn more about the screening at Anthology Film Archives on Sunday, go here. Also, HAUSU!

[Via Twitch]

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