NYC: See Miami Connection for free on April 12th


Rediscovered by Drafthouse Films, Miami Connection is the kitschy action gift that keeps on giving: the best VHS action movie you never rented at the videostore when you were a kid. I mentioned in my review that the ideal way to watch the movie is in a group, and you can do that in mid-April thanks to the good people at Wasted Cinema.

The Miami Connection screening is at 7:00pm on Friday, April 12th at Legends (6 West 33rd Street between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.). There will be a prize raffle, live tweeting, and much merrymaking.

For more information, visit After the cut, a clip from the film that is now your new jam.

MIAMI CONNECTION Clip - Dragon Sound "Friends"

Wasted Cinema Presents: Miami Connection
Friday April 12, 7:00PM
6 W. 33rd Street

Hubert Vigilla
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