NYCC 2019: Alan Tudyk has had talks to return for Doom Patrol


Today at NYCC Alan Tudyk was on hand to discuss his upcoming SyFy show Resident Alien, which sounds like a pretty fun little bit of dark comedy. But, of course, the audience questions began diverging from there and some of Tudyk’s other roles, including Mr. Nobody, the villain from season one of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol. The intrepid audience member asked Tudyk if he’d be returning to the series for its confirmed Season 2. Tudyk said he may be.

“Maybe,” Tudyk said, “That’s an honest answer … I want to but I’m kind of busy right now. There were discussions but it has to do with scheduling. I want to.”

At the end of the first season the Doom Patrol team had trapped Dr. Nobody in a painting so it’s not like his return is an impossibility and given he’s a main villain from the comics it makes sense that they’d bring the character back. The question is will it be for the second season or will Tudyk’s schedule not allow for him to return just yet. 

There’s no word on when the second season of Doom Patrol will be released but we’ll keep you up to date. 

Matthew Razak
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