NYCC 2019: Alex Garland’s FX series Devs looks like more sci-fi brilliance


Hot off of a debut panel at New York Comic Con, Devs is the upcoming limited series from sci-fi maestro Alex Garland. Besides writing and directing Ex Machina and Annihilation, Garland’s worked for years as a writer, penning other classics like 28 Days Later and Dredd (the later of which he’s said to have had an uncredited hand in directing). Devs looks like it’ll only add to the growing legacy of one of our greatest contemporary sci-fi storytellers.

Devs narrows in on Lily (Sonoya Mizuno), an eager tech engineer working for a top-shelf Silicon Valley company whose boyfriend seemingly commits suicide. Suspecting something suspicious, Lily begins to investigate, leading to her company’s CEO Forest (Nick Offerman) and the “Devs” secret division of his tech empire. As strands start to connect, a vast conspiracy of technology and corporate dealings becomes brutally apparent.

Fans familiar with Ex Machina will likely feel at home, with both the film and Devs featuring enigmatic, mysterious Steve Jobs-types at the center of a murky conspiracy.

FX will be the home for Devs when the first of its eight episodes debut sometime in Spring of 2020. The brief teaser above is all we have for now, but with Comic Con attendees shown an extended trailer this afternoon it shouldn’t be long before the world has a better picture of just what Devs looks to unravel.