NYCC 2019: Star Trek Picard looks like the Western of the Star Trek Universe


Want to hear a crowd of Star Trek fans basically go crazy and lose all self-control? Have Patrick Stewart walk out on stage, which is exactly what happened at NYCC when he took the stage to discuss Star Trek: Picard. Everyone else got claps too but… you know.

The panel opened with discussion on the pressures of making a show about one of the most beloved Star Trek characters. Then it, of course, went straight to a new trailer for the series. This one showed data painting in Picard’s venyard in what was clearly a dream of some sort. Then there is a great battle shown and Picard wakes up petting his cat named “Number One.” Picard is beginning an investigation into something that the Federation does not want him to look into so he heads out. He then hops onto a ship and a grand adventure of whih it appears Seven of Nine, Will Riker, and basically the rest of the cast show up for. It’s nosalgia packed and full of action.

In terms of those older actors returning, the producers say they focused on giving the actors more than just little cameos. They had to make sure that the characters needed to be there or they wouldn’t have asked them to come on. The newer characters will help non-Trek fans (those exist?) enter into the show despite all the call backs as well. 

They want the show to be a kind of high adventure. The cast is a bunch of misfits and feels, dare I say it, almost a bit Star Wars in its style. This isn’t a Star Fleet ship, it’s just in that world, which is definitely a different tact for Picard (despite his multiple mini-rebellions against Federation orders in the past). There was even a Han Solo and Chewbacca reference dropped so it sounds like we’ll be travelling in the back waters of the Federation a bit. The crew is definitely more Western collection of anti-heroes than clean-cut officers.

Matthew Razak
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