NYCC 2019: The Star Trek: Discovery panel was full of Star Trek things

Star Trek: Discovery - Season 3 | NYCC Teaser Trailer | CBS All Access

With basically the entire cast and creative team behind Star Trek: Discovery on stage NYCC went in-depth on the next season of the show. It will pick up 930 years in the future after the events of the last season, but that doesn’t mean canon will be ditched. The showrunners said that canon will inform everything that is happening. That means that Next Generation and all it’s spin-offs are in play. Hell, even events from Picard could be referenced. 

The panel then showed a trailer where the crew was spending a lot of time off ship, a lot of shooting blasters. It seems that they’ve been searching for a way back for a year. There also seems to be some form of the Federation in the future. What was really interesting in the trailer was the fact that the quest may not be entirely around getting back to their time but instead with exploration, much like TOS. It does also look like the heavy level of action from the previous two seasons is in full swing so if that’s not your favorite thing then this season might not change anything for you. 

Michelle Paradise, the showrunner for the series, said the show is “married to canon” but they’re looking for ways to push their characters and try new things. The jump ahead is allowing them to do a lot of things without locking them into canon, which seems to be a big concern for the producers for some reason. I think fans by now are at least accepting of the ways that canon has been messed with a bit. 

As for the actors they’re looking at this jump into the future almost as a clean slate for their characters. A lot of them discussed how this new form of exploration will allow them to dive into different aspects that weren’t open to them in previous seasons. Tilly, for instance, will be stepping up into her power, despite still being a cadet. Evolution and change are major aspects of this season. 

This season will be a bit more episodic than the lasts according to the producers, but it will once again be a long story arch throughout the season. That will come as a relief to those who want a bit more of that old Trek feeling. Discovery also does not plan to return to the 23rd century, however, but other Trek shows might. 

We also got our first look at some Star Trek: Short Treks, these will star Spock, Captain Pike and number one and the first one just dropped! Yes, surprise Star Trek: Short Trek. The trailer showed off a short with Spock joining The Enterprise, which is the one that just went live. You’ll be able to check that on CBS All Access. 

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