NYCC 2019: Want more Batman Beyond? Go buy the anniversary set


With 2019 being the 20th anniversary of Batman Beyond, there’s a lot of celebration in order for the series. With a sweet 20th anniversary collection coming out in a few weeks that includes 41 of the 52 episodes being completely remastered in HD while the rest are upscaled, it’s a lovely way to celebrate one of the best shows of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. For some fans though, it’s just not enough. People want more Batman Beyond in their lives and just not through a monthly comic because, real talk, who reads comics anymore besides weirdos like me? No, fans want another animated installment in the series and to those I am happy to say that a revival is not impossible. 

While speaking to Will Friedle, the voice of Terry McGinnis, at New York Comic Con, I asked him about the viability of the series returning, to which he said that it’s not completely off the table and it’s up to the fans really. He stated, “What we’ve been told [is] if the box set sells really well, there’s a chance that we’ll be doing another feature. This is a very important project for Bruce and Glen [Murakami] and Alan [Burnett] because this was wholey created by them. They created the villains, they created Terry, and if they could do more of anything, it would be Batman Beyond because it was theirs.” James Tucker, the current producer of the DCAU, echoed his feelings, but was more realistic about the nature of the possible revival due to HBO Max, telling me that “there’s a great opportunity to bring back old series and do completely new series and series that aren’t beholden to selling toys, [but] they’re in flux now due to the HBO Max thing that’s happening.”

So you heard it from the horse’s mouth; if you want more Batman Beyond, buy the box set. Granted, it’s an easy ploy to get fans to buy the box set, but actions speak louder than fan petitions ever could. If fans show Warner Bros. that there is a market for a Batman Beyond revival, you better believe they’ll pounce on it with ferocity and make a sequel movie or season. It is Warner Bros. after all, they’re in the business of mining franchises (and Batman) for as much money as they’re worth. 

The Batman Beyond 20th Anniversary set will release on October 29th and will retail for $100. 

Jesse Lab
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