NYCC 2021: Animaniacs shows off an 80s-tastic new clip

Animaniacs S2 | NYCC First Look Clip

Animaniacs on Hulu has been one of the more pleasant revivals in recent years. Unlike some lesser revivals, much of the talent from the original have returned nearly two decades later and, with some exceptions, it doesn’t feel like a day has passed. The jokes are still fairly snappy, even if there aren’t quite as many fan-favorite characters returning as some would have liked. Despite that, the first season of Animaniacs was a hit and everything seems on track for season 2 to deliver more of the same, especially given how seasons 1 and 2 were made back-to-back.

While at New York Comic Con, the cast unveiled a new clip from season 2 that goes all-in on poking fun at the 80s and just how overblown and over-the-top it wasn’t. It’s not exactly groundbreaking humor, but you can’t help but smile at the lyrics to the song shown in the trailer, which just repeats the word “eighties” until your ears bleed.

After the clip was shown, the cast, which included Jess Harnell (Wacko), Rob Paulson (Yacko and Pinky), Tress McNeil (Dot), and Maurice LaMarcus (Brain) reflected on the show’s history and how Steven Speilberg was adamant that if the show was to be revived then they needed the original cast. According to LaMarcus, that was non-negotiable. Though he did wonder what a celebrity stunt cast Pinky and the Brain would look like, hypothesizing that Brain would be played by Peter Dinklage and Pinky would be Russel Brand.

Animaniacs Season 2

Jess Harnell voices Wacko Warner in Hulu’s second season of ANIMANIACS (C) Warner Brothers

There was a little behind-the-scenes talk from Paulson about how the writing staff were probably the most instrumental to keeping Animaniacs relevent and still funny. Though, to be fair, a lot of praise was given to the voice cast themselves, with the group taking a moment to congratulate McNeil for her Daytime Emmy nomination for the series. She sadly didn’t win, but the show still won four other awards, which is nothing to sneeze at.

But in regards to season 2 of Animaniacs, the cast let slip a few moments that would appear in the season, like an episode dedicated to Jess Harnell’s favorite musical, which he kept tightly under wraps. There’s also going to be a parody of the Roman Emperor Nero that may or may not have some comparisons to an American politician of similar repute. And, most importantly, the cast confirmed that season 3 was already being recorded and has been ordered for 10 episodes. I’m not going to say no to more Animaniacs content.

Animaniacs Season 2 will premiere on Hulu November 5, 2021.

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