NYCC: Cosplay from Sunday


The final day of New York Comic Con meant horrible musk on the main floor — it was like the inside of a gym sock at the bottom of a laundry bag. It took a little time to acclimate to the awful smell. There was still a lot of cosplay to appreciate even though I got to the convention a bit later than intended.

Despite the overwhelming crowds, the convention was a great time. I got to catch up with Steve over at Unseen Films and talk about the New York Film Festival (our coverage for it continues through this week), and I also ate a lot of Kellogg’s Krave, which was handed out free in plastic cups. It was a cross between water at a marathon and MREs laced with crack.

Can’t wait for next year’s con. I may revive my Halloween costume from a few years back — Data from The Goonies — and dress up in 2013.

Hubert Vigilla
Brooklyn-based fiction writer, film critic, and long-time editor and contributor for Flixist. A booster of all things passionate and idiosyncratic.