NYCC: Cosplay photos from the floor


If you live in New York, you’re probably used to walking pretty quickly to get from points A to B. This makes being in a packed convention center like the Javitz Center during the increasingly popular New York Comic Con absolutely maddening. In certain areas at certain times walking ten feet can take almost as many seconds. And as you do it, you’re surrounded by people dressed up referencing all sorts of things you’ll never understand.

So, to make the infuriatingly slow travel times feel more meaningful, I took photos of a bunch of cosplayers. There was some ridiculously amazing stuff, and it’s a shame because some of my more interesting pictures were ruined by blurriness or poor light. (Poor light ruined a lot of pictures.) But I still came out with some good ones, as you’ll see with the 28 I’ve put in the gallery below. (My two favorites involve a pigeon head and an Oprah cleric.)

You may notice that the last photo in the gallery looks a bit different than the rest. That’s because it was taken with my phone as I walked out of the Javitz center. I passed this basically-naked girl surrounded by a massive crowd of photographers and though I’d already packed my proper camera away, I felt the need to get that shot. I’m still kind of shocked that she was able to get away with that outfit.