NYCC: Crank 3 a matter of ‘where and when’


At NYCC this year directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were on hand to discuss their upcoming film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (which looks pretty badass from the new trailer I saw). However, like any good audience in front of the directors of Crank and Crank 2: High Voltage the conversation turned to those films. One audience member asked when Crank 3 would be on its way and Neveldine was surprisingly positive about a third one coming even though the second one’s box office wasn’t so great.

Neveldine went on to say that they had always envisioned the series as a trilogy and that a third movie was basically a matter of when and where. Who knows how serious they were about it actually happening, but they definitely were passionate about the series and want it to go on.

I’m not quite sure I buy the films being planned as a trilogy since the first one ended with the lead character dying, but I am excited for a third Crank. Hopefully Spirit of Vengeance makes money so they can get a budget for the third Crank.

Matthew Razak
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