NYCC: DC Universe announces their original programming schedule


It’s time to look at everyone’s favorite digital service, DC Universe! DC has been pushing their streaming service hard over the past couple of months, with DC pulling out all of the stops to try and get people to subscribe. It launched back in mid-September, and the reaction has been pretty tepid to say the least. They’re promoting their original programming like crazy, but outside of Titans, we know next to nothing about a majority of their shows. During their New York Comic-Con panel, we didn’t get any info on Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, or Stargirl. Hell, they only talked about Young Justice: Outsiders for what seemed like a minute. I know next to nothing about most of their original series, which I repeat, is the main reason to subscribe to DC Universe. 

One thing that I do know is that DC just revealed the schedule for their first year of original programming on DC Universe, so now I know when I could hypothetically watch their shows. The general time frame is that most of the shows are going to air one episode a week, then when each series concludes, another series will take the weekly spot so that they’ll always be a new episode of some show on DC Universe every week. The one exception is going to be Young Justice: Outsiders, which is going to be split into two coursof 13 episodes where each week there will be three episodes instead of one streamed. Here are the general time frames for each show’s release. 

  • Titans – October through December 2018.
  • Young Justice: Outsiders – Part 1: December 2018 through February 2019. Part 2: June through July 2019.
  • Doom Patrol – February through May 2019.
  • Swamp Thing – June through August 2019.
  • Star Girl – September through November 2019.
  • Harley Quinn – October through December 2019.

I actually like this approach a lot. The problem I have with binging most streaming released TV shows is that I have the mentality that it’s going to be a time commitment. When I look at a show that I’m interested in, I don’t see the premise often. I see that there are 50 episodes that are an hour each, and I get intimidated by that. With DC Universe’s approach, I could easily watch an episode a week and go on with my life and not worry about dedicating several days to watching a single show. Plus, now I know that I only have to wait less than three months for Young Justice to return. That’s always a plus. 


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