NYCC: First image/trailer recap for the Evil Dead remake


Update: Official image below.

I just got out of the panel for the Evil Dead remake where director . Needless to say Bruce Campbell rocked the house, pretty much pulling the most cheers and being generally awesome. He even gave a fan five dollars after she said something nice about him. The man knows how to work a comic convention crowd that’s for sure. 

But the reason we were all there was to learn about the new Evil Dead. We got to sit down with the three before the panel so we’ll go into more details then, but during the panel we got to see an exclusive trailer before anyone else. I wasn’t a massive fan of the idea of relaunching the series, but after seeing this truly brutal trailer it’s very obvious that they’re going all out with this thing.

Full description and thoughts below.

The trailer opened on a very familiar looking cabin, though this one seems a little smaller and bit more dilapidated. We see our five victims entering the cabin and looking around as menacing music starts playing. They look around the cabin and then rip up a carpet where they find a panel in the floor (sound familiar) with a trail of blood leading down to it. 

Cut to the basement of the cabin and a bunch of hanging dead animals, looking far creepier than it ever has and then one of those damn kids reads from the Necronomicon. As this is going on the movie continues to cut to text telling us that it’s from the original creators and that they’re rebirthing evil. Also of note is that the text read from the book is definitely the same words from the original movie, so well the overall feel looks far more brutal there are definitely nods to original film.

Of course once the words are read all hell starts breaking lose and we jump from a bunch of cuts of people going steadily insane. The possessed in the new film look far less like the zombies of the original and more like they’re seriously diseased. At first I was a bit concerned about this, but the new look is creepy as all hell and hints at a focus of a bit more insanity than the original. There’s definitely a far darker tone to the entire thing, and it looked like people got more and more possessed and turned into more zombie/deadite creatures as the film progressed. You can get a taste of them from the image in the header.

For those worried about them completing ditching the original the trailer pretty much confirms the existence of a possessed hand, a chainsaw, bodily dismemberment and tree rape. There were definitely two separate shots of a woman getting tangled up in vines, and star Jane Levy pretty much came out and said tree rape would occur. The trailer cut between a lot of shots of people getting possessed along with the classic Evil Dead camera shot as the evil careened through the woods. There’s was plenty in the trailer paying homage to the original, but it didn’t feel anything like it. I get the feeling that it’s going to be far more disturbing than it was the first time around when it was already really disturbing.

This might be the most intense trailer I’ve seen in a long time. It definitely had gallons of gore flying everywhere, and the closing shot was a girl slitting her tongue in half. The crowd went nuts as the trailer rampped up the blood and gore. This film is definitely going to be a seriously dark blood bath. Bruce Campbell, a man I’d trust with my life, gave us all a promise it’s going to rock. 

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