NYCC: First look at Doctor Who spin-off Class (Updated)


Updated: The teaser is now here.

The Doctor | Class Teaser (Official)

Class has had Doctor Who fans going a little crazy. Is it going to be too kiddy or too weird or too whatever. At NYCC we got the first look at an extended trailer that had a lot of the Doctor himself in it (he’ll be in the first episode at least). The first teaser trailer we saw we entirely narrated by the doctor himself and set up the fact that this was about the students who had been involved in an adventure with him, and what happens after he leaves.

Then we saw the full trailer, which world premiered. 

If it is any inidication this will not be a children’s show. There was plenty of action, sex and violence throughout the trailer, that highlighted the students. It honestly looks a lot like Buffy and even concluded with a snarky conversation between the Doctor and the students about how what was going on was a lot like the Hellmouth from the show or even Vampire Diaries. Definitely a nice little comedic note there. 

Otherwise the trailer had a lot of clips of aliens, none that were recognizable as from the original show (no Daleks or Cybermen), but plenty of the kind of stuff you’ve come to expect from the show. During the question answer period they said that they loved running with the chance to create new monsters, so that may be a sign we will not be seeing any classic ones in this season. There’s definitely a big bad guy too that appears to be causing the rift in time that’s making the school into a prime spot for trouble. 

The cast discussed the show as well, but were basically tap dancing around spoilers the entire time: The Doctor will definitely be in the first episode, but it sounded like he might be more involved down the road as well. Clearly the focus is going to swerve towards the students as the show goes on, but they are hammering the Doctor connection early on.

As for Ian and Barbara, the producer was not that excited about cameo apperances, but said there would be Easter eggs hidden throughout. Not a direct no, but maybe they won’t be having a very big part. 

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