NYCC: So… someone made “sexy” female Freddy vs. Jason figurines


You know what I’ve never once thought? “There should be female versions of Freddie Krueger and Jason Vorhees!” And even if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have followed that thought with, “Let’s put them in skimpy outfits and sex ’em up!”

But someone did. Someone at Japanese collectible company Kotobukiya. In partnership with New Line Cinema (according to the bottom corner of the poster), Kotobukiya has taken two iconic characters made them bishoujo. The company kept their iconic weapons and (some of) their clothing while simultaneously removing everything else that made the characters unique and adding muscles and bust.Vorhees is no longer this disgusting lake figure and Freddy isn’t burned. But they are all bloody and cut up. Because I guess that’s what passes for sexy these days?

They release at the end of the month for $70 each. You really shouldn’t buy them. But they’re worth staring at for a few seconds just to see what Japan’s been up to lately.