NYCC: Talking Batman with the man who defined him for a generation


With the hype surrounding Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray this month, the stars behind our favorite characters from the show were eager to remember the good old days. 

Kevin Conroy, the voice that has become iconic with Batman and Bruce Wayne shared some of his insight into the true psyche behind his character during New York Comic Con following the Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray panel. Besides sharing his favorite lines and episode to work on (“Perchance to Dream” by the way)  he shared something unexpected.

Kevin Conroy NYCC 2018

When I asked him, “How do you get into the mindset between playing Bruce Wayne and Batman,” he responded in a way that was both revealing and interesting to hear.

“Bruce Wayne to me has always been the performance, the night Bruce’s parents were killed Bruce Wayne died and Batman was born”

He also used this to explain how Bruce himself is always wearing a mask even when not donning that famous cowl. Conroy also explains how we even sometimes do that in real life; we put on our own type of mask or persona that we want the world to see.

“When Bruce isn’t Batman he puts on his Bruce mask and you know goes to work he’s in character”.

This blew my mind as he clearly has never been asked this question before. To hear firsthand from the Batman most of us grew up watching was truly an honor. Conroy also shared what it was like to work with Mark Hamill in the voice-over booth.

“Being in the booth with Mark is a very dangerous place to be because you know how Jim Carey has that rubbery kind of face? Mark does that, Mark is just such a physical actor. We had so much fun together. He’s just a good generous guy. He’s literally like a twelve-year-old watching us record and generally loving what we were doing. You don’t get that from a lot of actors. He’s unique.”

When asked what he does to warm up he said: “Why warm up and waste the voice?”

Conroy also was asked what character he would like to play:

“When you start at 100 where is there left to go? He is literally the coolest guy (Batman). What do you do you now? He’s the most complicated. He’s the most screwed up. The other characters I would like to do would be villains and I am actually doing that in an upcoming show for Nickelodeon.”

Conroy also said that Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-Ray is beautiful to watch now in its re-mastered format and he hopes fans love it just like a piece of art.

Batman: The Animated Series is out on Blu-Ray on October 30th.

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