NYCC: Thoughts on Disney’s Tomorrowland panel


Yesterday morning was the official start of 2014’s New York Comic Con. What was originally a press day was opened to the public thanks to the other three days filling up so quickly. We’ll have smaller impressions up throughout the weekend, but for now, I’m going to dish out some details regarding the big opening panel: Disney’s Tomorrowland.

Big Hero 6 was also a headliner during the panel, but unfortunately there’s still not enough present to make me believe that’s it going to be more than its recent glut of trailers. While the newest trailer focuses on someone other than Baymax for once (adorable as the squishy robot is, there is a limit), it’s certainly telling that we were really waiting for all of the Tomorrowland details to kick in.

At the panel, we were shown Tomorrowland‘s first teaser (found here), but after a surprise appearance from George Clooney (who’s made his first comic-con appearance ever) we got an even better look at his character. Through the clip, he seems to be an ornery old man named Frank who seems to know a lot more about this “other world.” He lives in a booby trapped house (the clip showed his many traps and fighting robot abilities. Yes there are robots), Casey (the girl in the trailer) is alluded to be a fugitive (as gentleman in black suits come to Frank’s house to find her), his bathtub is a rocket ship, and sorry I couldn’t remember the clip in greater detail.

Basically, I’m not sure what to expect from Tomorrowland. The tone seems to work okay (as in, everything is serious without seeming overtly dark), Brad Bird seems to be excited from the project, and George Clooney even showed up to prove how much he’s invested in one of the, what he dubs, larger projects he’s been a part of (although he stated Batman & Robin turned him off completely)

At least we won’t be draped in mystery for long as Tomorrowland releases May 22, 2015.