NYCC Titans trailer is still stupidly dark, second season announced


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With a lack of any cursing, the latest Titans trailer is far less quotable than the first. It is pretty fun, though, to see Beast Boy grin and say, “That’s Robin” with a tone of hero-worshiping admiration just as Robin stomps on someone and caves his chest in.

The series still appears to be lacquered in black nail polish as Raven is locked away in a mental asylum with shots that if shown out of context I’d assume were for a new Conjuring spinoff. This isn’t to mention Beast Boy with a mouth covered in blood sitting in a Hannibal Lecter style cage in the middle of a cement room. Does he eat people in this interpretation? We can only hope.

All in all, we get a little more action to some whiny music, and I can definitely say that ten years ago I would have been all over this. It has a ridiculous dripping darkness that only becomes more absurd with each new piece we get to see. You’d think DC would start pulling back on this doom and destruction approach to storytelling since it’s caught them more than enough flak in the past, but it’s kind of charming to see them doubling down so hard with Titans.

They’re doubling down so hard, in fact, that they’ve already doubled the amount of Titans you can expect to see, as they’ve announced a second season before the first premiers. This is great news for all the people whose biggest worry for season one was that they’d get too invested right before Warner Bros pulled the plug.

The series is set to premiere on October 12, and we’ll see if DC’s probably misguided streaming service will survive long enough for season two to materialize.

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