NYCC: Up close with Ben Affleck’s Batman cape and cowl


At New York Comic Con they’re celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary and part of that celebration bring us our first chance to get up close to the cape and cowl that Ben Affleck will be wearing when he takes over the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A section of the exhibit has all of Batman’s film costumes (except Adam West) and right in the middle is Affleck’s cape and cowl, which you can see images of above and below. 

The cowl looks far more simplistic from previous iterations with a simple leather design instead of the more metallic and harsh edged that we’ve seen in the past. It looks roughed up than previous ones as well. There’ s a certain emotional weight that comes off it and the cowl seems less of a mask and more a representation of his face. You can see some pretty heavy lines over his eyes that’ll give Affleck’s Batman a lot more character.

The cape functions much in the same way. It looks really heavy. Like something you’d wear to keep warm. You can see in the close up that its also looks incredibly worn. This isn’t the shiny leather of previous film Batman’s. It’s been used and beat up. Again the weight of it all seems massive, like something that would press down on you. The cape isn’t any shorter or longer than previous capes, but man does it feel bigger.

This, of course, makes sense since we know that Batman’s character and story is based roughly off of The Dark Knight Returns. The cape and cowl have the same used feeling that Batman’s illustrations had in that classic. It fits fantastically in line with the older, more experienced character we should be seeing in the upcoming film. Seeing it up against the other costumes there’s definitely a more realistic take on the look. We didn’t see the rest of the costume, but pretty obvious it’ll basically be the exact opposite of the Bat nipples sticking next to him. 

All in all this cape and cowl might be my favorite since the original, and we know it’ll have more neck movement because it is impossible to have less neck movement than the original Batman.  

Matthew Razak
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