NYFF In 30 Seconds or Less Roundup #1


Hubert and I have been spending a whole lot of the last two weeks in the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City seeing films for the 51st New York Film Festival. And as we explained way back when, we have been doing short video impressions of every single movie we’ve seen. Well, yesterday the festival officially started, kicking off with the world premiere of Captain Phillips, so it seemed like a good time to let all of you know what we’ve seen.

If you haven’t been watching our YouTube page (and why not?!), we have put up a video every single day for the past ten days and our goal is to continue putting up daily videos until the festival is over. If you want to see those first, subscribe to the YouTube page and you can do that. Otherwise, we will be rounding them up each weekend of the festival (there are two more, the latter of which coincides with the 2013 New York Comic Con… ooph). But you should really subscribe. It’ll make us happy. Above are Hubert’s impressions of Captain Phillips, and below are a whole lot more.


Le Week-End

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Child of God

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The Wind Rises (With Hubert Vigilla)

(With Alec Kubas-Meyer)

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A Touch of Sin

Like Father, Like Son

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The Missing Picture

Abuse of Weakness

Inside Llewyn Davis

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