Nymphomaniac is reportedly a five hour long comedy


The Norwegian site Montages are dropping some Nymphomaniac bombs today by revealing that the film is basically a five hour long comedy that will be broken up into two parts. No wonder they couldn’t get it all done in time for Cannes. So that’s two 2.5 hour films broken up into eight sections, and as if that weren’t enough the report goes on to say that there could be a television show coming out based on the movie. Finally, in the weirdest bit, the first part of the film is supposedly more pure comedy like The Idiots and then gets darker as the plot progresses.

I’d say this comes as a bit of a surprise, but it’s Lars Von Trier so I don’t know why we wouldn’t expect the absolute weirdest sh*t from him. It’s going to be hard to get theaters to pick this one up, that’s for sure and I really doubt we’ll be seeing the television show stateside on ABC. Still, all this does is make me more curious about the film, which, as the title suggests, I was curious enough about because of the sexual content way he’s going to use different directing styles for each chapter.

[Montage, via The Playlist]

Matthew Razak
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