Obi Wan Kenobi rumored to be getting a Star Wars spin-off


We’ve pretty much heard a spin-off rumor for every character that exists in the Star Wars universe. We know they’re coming and we know the directors of some, but they’re still shrouded in mystery, thus more rumors. The newest is that one of the films will be an Obi Wan Kenobi stand-alone after the studio has realized the popularity of the character thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon. 

There’s not much else to go on, but considering they already have a popular actor, Ewan McGregor, to star it could be pretty easy to get this off the ground. That might contradict the origin story rumor for the stand-alone films, but with Obi Wan we’ve really already seen that. While Episode VII will definitely be the first film out of the gate it wouldn’t be a surprise to see an Obi Wan film come out nearby to help flesh out the bridge between VI and VII. Again, this is a big fat rumor, but that’s what pretty much everything is at this point. 

[via Making Star Wars]

Matthew Razak
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