Oblivion and Wall-E Trailer mash up

Oblivion / Wall-E Trailer Mash Up

So what would happen if you combined a science fiction film from Disney/Pixar and combined it with another science fiction film from Universal? Well you would have a mash up of Wall-E and Oblivion and their respective trailers.

In the above video, we have the unedited audio from the trailer to Oblivion with footage from the movie, Wall-E. The audio does match up pretty well with the footage taken from the movie, but I was hoping at first that it was one of the trailers for Wall-E as well.

The whole tone of Wall-E definitely does change when you add the different audio. Funny enough, at a first glance, it fits rather too well because I could totally see Wall-E having a similar plot to that of Oblivion. Plus, who wouldn’t want Morgan Freeman voice acting in their movie?

[via YouTube]