Ocean’s 8 has best opening in franchise history


Hello. We interrupt your E3 news blasts to bring you this important update on how much money movies made. You’re probably just playing Skyrim on your Alexas anyway.

So Ocean’s 8 did pretty well this weekend, pulling in $41.5, giving it the biggest opening of any Ocean’s film before adjusting for inflation. That box office should put a smile on Warner Bros. face as it will easily recoup its $70 million budget. I’m guessing we’ll be getting some sequels soon as well. The audience was made up of a whopping 70 percent women, so there’s plenty of room for some men to go see it next weekend. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story continued to limp its way to the finish line as audiences continue to shrug their shoulders at the movie, but Avengers: Infinity War crossed the $2 billion dollar mark so Disney is still making money. 

More importantly, two smaller films destroyed (respectively) at the box office. Both Hereditary and Won’t You Be My Neighbor got absolutely massive box offices thanks to the insanely good reviews and word of mouth they’ve been able to generate. Well deserved on both fronts, even if I didn’t think that Hereditary was as good as everyone keeps saying.

1. Ocean’s 8 – $41,500,000
2. Solo: A Star Wars Story – $15,154,000
3. Deadpool 2 – $13,650,00
4. Hereditary – $13,037,336
5. Avengers: Infinity War – $6,836,000
6. Adrift – $5,050,000
7. Book Club – $4,200,000
8. Hotel Artemis – $3,151,118
9. Upgrade – $2,220,000
10. Life of the Party – $2,105,000

Matthew Razak
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