Official Cars 3 trailer looks like the Rocky III and IV of the franchise


The first teaser for Cars 3 from last year suggested some dark tragedy for Lightning McQueen–possibly even death. An extended look at Cars 3 from earlier this year suggested the movie would be like Rocky III.

Now we have an official trailer for the latest installment in the Cars franchise, and it basically looks like Rocky III (new trainer, and they run on the beach) and Rocky IV (young and high-tech competitor that’s probably doping), with maybe a little Rocky Balboa (dude’s old, man–like, ooooold) in there as well.

Check out the Cars 3 trailer below.

Cars 3 - Official US Trailer

Despite the promising teases, this looks like a pretty run-of-the-mill Cars movie. I just hope the movie ends with Lightning McQueen, winded and bloodied, saying the following lines:

If I can change gears… and you can change gears… EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE GEARS!

Cars 3 arrives in theaters June 16th.

Hubert Vigilla
Brooklyn-based fiction writer, film critic, and long-time editor and contributor for Flixist. A booster of all things passionate and idiosyncratic.