Official trailer for The Transporter Refueled only has half a tank


The first two Transporter films are some of my favorite examples of uber action, a kind of ridiculous fantasy world action that could only take place on the screen. Then the third one came along and things went down hill. Now they’re rebooting the whole thing with not Jason Statham Ed Skrein and it looks pretty middling.

The trailer hints at some really stupid action (the good kind of stupid), but otherwise it just feels like this Skrein fellow is trying to do his best Statham impression while shots of Europe happen. Hopefully the film goes back to the series driving focused roots because it can’t rest on the guaranteed charm of its lead actor anymore.

At the moment I can’t decide which looks more generic, this or Hitman

The Transporter Refueled - Official Trailer [HD]

Matthew Razak
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