Oh boy, something’s wrong with One Punch Man Season 2’s trailer

One-Punch Man Season 2 PV 2

The second season of One Punch Man has been hotly anticipated for years now with fans certain that the four year wait worth be worth it. However, with only three weeks away until the premiere, all of that goodwill seems to be quickly eroding and one look at the trailer will tell you exactly why. 

It’s not that the trailer is bad, but there are a lot of sections that just seem off. Characters like King, the scarface guy who is known as the strongest man in the world, are off-model, and the animation seems to have taken several steps down. This is mostly due to a change in studios, with Madhouse handling the first season but the second season is being handled by J.C. Staff. This isn’t to throw shade at J.C. Staff and their previous projects, but they’re known primarily for humbler animation more appropriate for slice-of-life anime, not gargantuan action anime. 

Then you have the fact that not much happens in the trailer. We get a few quick frames of action, but most of it is just watching still frames of characters or Saitama standing around. The most evocative image in the trailer isn’t an action moment, but when the title slowly appears on screen to deafening silence. It’s like the studio is telling us that yes, this is One Punch Man, but something isn’t right with it. Fans have also been very vocal about their dislike of the trailer, with the video having, as of this posting, 3,700 likes against 2,600 dislikes. Here’s hoping that everything will turn out okay, but I’m starting to doubt it. 

One Punch Man Season 2 begins streaming April 9th. 

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