Oh boy! There’s a Brave Little Toaster remake on the way!


[Today’s header image  comes from deviant artist TheDarkBrawler90]

I know that it’s a little early to start drinking, but like they say, “It’s who-gives-a-crap o’clock somewhere,” right? With yesterday’s announcement about the ‘lovable’ sequels to Independence Day still ringing in my ears, I was simple unprepared for the news that they’re remaking The Brave Little Toaster.

And who are “they,” you ask? Why, Waterman Entertainment, the guys who brought us the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, Stewart Little and its sequel, Casper, and…Kull the Conqueror. WE has plans to turn The Brave Little Toaster into a CG/live-action blend a la Alvin and Stuart and the only thing I can think of is why? What’s next, The Little Engine Who Could? Paddington Bear? Born Free? Oh wait, Waterman Entertainment is doing that last one too, from the perspective of Elsa the lioness this time. Ugh. Does anybody want this?

Pardon me as I make myself another drink, perhaps a Negroni

[Via Collider]