Oh for Pete’s sake, The Great Mouse Detective is getting a live-action remake


As sure as the sun will rise and Tom Hanks is the most likable man in Hollywood, Disney will continue to exploit your childhood for profit. It only makes sense. This summer has given Disney nothing but hits, making them more profitable than most third world countries, but am I the only one who is just plain getting sick of this? No really, am I the last person who has zero interest in more Disney remakes? At this point it’s just groan worthy to hear that Disney is making yet another live-action remake of one of their animated classics. 

To be fair, most of them aren’t terrible, but when the alternative to these live-action remakes are some of the greatest animated features of all time, I will always choose the animated versions. Why would I pay money to see a lesser version of something I love? Case in point, Disney is going to be remaking The Great Mouse Detective because of course they will and I’m certain not a single soul asked for it. 

First off, why remake The Great Mouse Detective? Look, I’m someone that probably loves this movie more than most people, but it’s one of their most underrated movies, right up there with the Rescuer movies or Treasure Planet. It was a hit when it initially released, but there are way more people that don’t know the movie than people that have watched it. I would expect live-action versions of Pocahontas and Snow White before a Great Mouse Detective remake?

Also, there will be no Vincent Price. Automatic grounds for dismissal for that fact alone. 

Now I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention that as of now, this has only been rumored from inside sources and nothing official has been announced yet by Disney, but would you really be surprised at this point if this wasn’t being remade? Why wouldn’t Disney just remake their entire catalogue for a new generation, regurgitate creativity for profit and become lazy as they rule over the entertainment industry from their ivory, magic infused throne of power? We’ll still go see whatever they put out. There’s nothing we can do except embrace the lack of originality until we’re tired of being placated.

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