Old guys are in this Expendables 2 behind the scenes clip


While I am super excited for The Expendables 2 (thanks to the myriad of amazing, ‘splosion fueled promotional material), something about the above clip bothers me. In this quick behind the scenes look, Sly Stallone says that to get everyone together for Expendables 2 is a “minor miracle,” and I believe it. Look how tired Schwarzenegger is! Somehow, he managed to drag his husk onto the set to do cool stuff (which of course has me worried about his new starring role). After watching them kind of stagger around, I’m left questioning how much “hutzpah” these old guys have left.

I had an interesting conversation with my father, who is 45 years old and grew up watching most of these men in their prime, when he first saw The Expendables 2 TV spot:

Dad: “They should just kill them all off already. The old farts can’t drag themselves around anymore.”

Me: “That’s not the point they-“

Dad: “Kill ’em off. That’ll give ’em a good sendoff. It’s hard to watch them like this.” 

If a man can’t bear to see his old action heroes struggle to move about, maybe it is hard to watch.