Old Man Marley died, my day is ruined


Easily the best part of Home Alone, Roberts Blossom died. He was 87.

Blossom will forever be remembered as Old Man Marley, the wise older man that Macaulay Culkin helps out towards the end. Blossom also starred in the 1974 Oscar winning adaptation of The Great Gatsby alongside Robert Redford. He also starred as a serial killer in the film Deranged, which I haven’t seen. But looking at a picture of him in it, he looks certifiably creepy. Definitely looks like one to check out.

He retired from acting after appearing in The Quick and the Dead to pursue poetry, which he wrote until his death on July 8. A great actor, he will truly be missed. Blossom is survived by his two children, Michael and Debbie.

[via KTLA]