Oldboy may be one of the biggest bombs in recent history


Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy has been pretty much universally panned across the board. Some of this might be simply because the original never needed to be remade, but it’s also because the movie just isn’t that good. It seems the lack of interest in the film was not just on critics sides as the movie has turned into one of the biggest flops in recent history.

As the numbers from this morning showed the film only made $1.25 million in the five day frame, which is pretty horrible. Given that low total it probably won’t be in theaters long and will thus never recoup its $3 million budget. While the movie did get a limited release of 583 theaters that’s still a terrible five day total. Not even making $3 million is an incredible flop that can be attributed to not only the suckiness of the film, but also the odd decision to release it during the holidays and the almost complete lack of advertising. 

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Matthew Razak
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