Oldboy remake back on track?


I thought we had dodged a bullet when the proposed remake of Oldboy fell through. Oldboy is one of those fantastic, messed-up films that will lose something in the translation to American audiences. Granted, the American version was supposed to be a “new” adaptation of the original graphic novel, but Oldboy has incest. That only flies in certain parts of the country around here. So, when the possibility of a Steven Spielberg-helmed remake came and went, I was content. Alas, the wheels continued to roll.

First Showing is reporting that a new draft of the Oldboy remake, written by I Am Legend’s Mark Protosevich, is making the rounds, making particular waves with Mandate Pictures. The idea is that they want to bring the project back to Spielberg, but they are also considering offering the project to Matthew Vaughn or Danny Boyle. These are actually two pretty good choices, assuming we’re talking the Layer Cake Matthew Vaughn. On top of that, Danny Boyle can do no wrong. If the universe is really going ahead with an American Oldboy –and let’s keep Will Smith away from it, yes?—I think Danny Boyle could be the man for the job.

[Via FirstShowing]