Oldboy villain role offered to Colin Firth


In August, we reported that Christian Bale was being considered for the role of Adrian (the villain) in the remake of Oldboy being directed by Spike Lee. That news has since become outdated, for the role has just been offered to Colin Firth. Yes, the king of romantic comedies might actually appear in Oldboy, of all things. Josh Brolin is set to star in the lead role of Joe (Oh Dae-su in the original). Rooney Mara was also rumored to be cast in the film recently as well (presumably as Oh Dae-su’s daughter).

So far, this film is shaping up to be something quite different to what I was expecting. Colin Firth seems like an odd choice for a villain-type role of any kind. It just seems to me that he lacks that creepy, disturbed way that I know Christian Bale to be great at… Also, Christian Bale’s friggin’ terrifying. Have you heard his music?

[Via /Film]