Oliver Stone to direct film about Snowden


With the announcement that Oliver Stone will be directing a film based on Edward Snowden the world collectively thought, “Yea, saw that coming.” The director has a penchant for trying to tell the stories of controversial material as you may know so this isn’t too big a surprise. Stone will be adapting the book The Snowden Files for the screen, which tells the life story of Snowden.

Here’s the problem: Stone hasn’t directed a compelling film in years, and the last two he did based on real life events (World Trade Center and W.) decent at best. I understand he likes to grab these things and put his stamp on history, but maybe someone more in tune with making a great modern film could do it. I’m not saying he’s washed up, but I get less and less excited for his movies with every one he makes. 

[via The Guardian]

Matthew Razak
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