Olivia Munn to star alongside Boyd Holbrook in The Predator


The Predator was actually looking like a solid reboot with director Shane Black on board and Benitio del Toro set to star, but the actor left the project to be replaced by Boyd Holbrook. That’s kind of a letdown, and now another: Olivia Munn has been cast in the lead role with Holbrook. I’m not a big fan of her in case you couldn’t tell.

The casting also opened up a few more plot details. The Predator will show up this time in suburbia with Holbrook playing a commando and Munn playing a scientist, which just has Christmas Jones written all over it. I have some faith in Shane Black, but this franchise has hurt me so many times I can’t trust it anymore, and the idea of the a Predator in the suburbs doesn’t really grab me in any real way. 

Matthew Razak
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