Olivia Wilde is almost certainly directing a Spider-Woman movie for Sony


Teaming up with producer Amy Pascal and writing bud Kate Silberman, Booksmart director and all-round superstar Olivia Wilde is set to direct a female-led superhero movie for Sony, Deadline reports.

In a tweet, Wilde simply shared Deadline’s post with a spider emoji, supported and shared by the likes of Josh Gad:

In all honesty, I’ve still not recovered from Sony’s back-and-forth dance with Marvel last summer. To say the studio had acquired the rights to Spider-Man for good and were pulling Tom Holland’s beloved Spidey from the MCU, only to turn a full 180 on the decision, was a fiasco that many fans wish they could forget. Now, Sony is determined to milk the hard-earned franchise work for all it’s worth. 

So bring on the latest tactic: Wilde. After enjoying the critical acclaim of her debut film Booksmart, she’s set to direct the New Line thriller Don’t Worry Darling, recently caught in a bidding war between major studios, before landing on an A-list cast earlier this year. 

Sony’s snappily-named Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters had announced a Venom sequel earlier this year, with Morbius welcomed by fans. And with characters like Madame Web reported to have joined the register, will this possible Spider-Woman movie marry up all the odds and ends thrown into the mix? 

Of course, it’s not 100% certain that the female-led Marvel film will turn out to be Spider-Woman. But I’d put good money on the bet that an untitled leading female character from the studio who made a racket acquiring the franchise almost certainly couldn’t be anyone else.

Source: Deadline

Sian Francis Cox
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