Omar Epps hunts a Halloween slasher in trailer for Drive Angry director’s Trick

TRICK - Official Trailer

October is a wonderful month, being the one time of year when people can freely admit they enjoy a creepy flick without adding the caveat “because it’s more than just a horror movie,” and we can ignore the dummies who completely misrepresent the genre by suggesting no horror movie is any good, because none have ever scared them half to death.

We can just gorge ourselves with blood and guts and ghosts and psychos without a hint of embarrassment–for exactly one moth before we have to shove our eyebrows back up and pretend that the latest drama about a white person realizing racism is wrong is the most important movie on Earth.

So, to kick this most macabre of months off, let’s  indulge in the most time-honored of horror traditions–the slasher film!

This one is something a bit special, as it’s not a sequel or a remake, but a brand new slasher from a director that has instantly earned my goodwill–Drive Angry‘s Patrick Lussier. Also, the co-writer for the Nicolas Cage-starring midnight movie magnum opus, Todd Farmer has returned for this project. It’s a very promising start.

Trick will star Omar Epps as detective Mike Denver, a man hellbent on stopping a murderer who should already be dead. Patrick “Trick” Weaver massacred his classmates at a costume party (a predictable ending to a game of “spin the knife”) in 2015 and, despite being shot five times, now returns each following Halloween to kill and kill again. Can the detective put a stop to all the murder before it’s too late? I don’t know. You got to watch the movie to find out.

It sounds fun, looks bloody, and I’m definitely down to check this out when it hits theaters and VOD on October 18, 2019.

Exclusive ‘Trick’ Trailer Reveals a New Halloween Slasher [Collider]

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