Once again, The New Mutants has a theatrical date set by Disney, this time for August


The tale of Josh Boone’s The New Mutants is one that likely needs no introduction at this point (though if you care for a recap, we’ve got you covered). The horror-tinged X-Men spin-off has been through the wringer even before the COVID-19 pandemic derailed all of Hollywood’s best-laid plans, and naturally then the fledgling mutants weren’t a match for the coronavirus.

With its fifth official release date now, Disney has announced a theatrical premiere for the film on August 28th, 2020. This after the film was taken off of Disney’s roster and left TBD following its delay from April 3rd this year.

Disney’s current slate of theatrical films starts July 24, with the previously-delayed Mulan set to release. With theaters across the country grappling with financial instability and the unpredictability of the pandemic, take any date with a grain of salt. 

The New Mutants may just be all grown up by time we see them.

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