Once Upon a Time in America screenings delayed


How did I miss this? At Cannes this year, a new cut of Sergio Leone’s final film Once Upon a Time in America was screened, featuring 25 minutes of previously deleted footage. However, the print is going out of circulation, forcing canceled screenings at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The reason for this? Well, the print just wasn’t up to snuff.

While no statements have been made by the Martin Scorsese Film Foundation (the fine folks tending to the restoration), it’s been understood that the buik of remaining work lies within the film’s audio mix for the reinserted scenes. The current plan is to have all work done on the print by the end of the year, or early 2013 for additional screenings at festivals around the world. And even though the film was released on Blu-Ray about a year ago, I’d love to see this new print make it to home release. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want a four hour gangster epic to add to their collection?

[via Guardian UK]