One Direction to get a documentary, totes not a joke


One Direction - Live While We're Young

I really wish this was a demented joke, but sadly that’s not true. Morgan Spurlock, yes the semi-respectable documentary director of Comic-Con: A Fan’s Hope and Super Size Me, and Simon Cowell (former American Idol jerk and 1D discoverer) are producing a documentary about the concert life of current boy band sensation, One Direction (not those Wanted guys, sadly) according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s honestly a sentence I never thought I would write during my time here on Flixist. 

Note this day everyone. The day where all hope died. The film is scheduled for a August 30th, 2013 release (in 3D no less), so start preparing the bunkers now I guess. Think I’m overeacting to the news just because I bought into that Glee concert movie? The video above is evidence of the musical genius these boys have graced the world with. 

[via THR]