Only God Forgives UK Trailer

Only God Forgives - UK Trailer #2 (HD) Ryan Gosling

Blimey. While you lot are out and about mingling and meeting ‘Murica-ing, Ryan Gosling’s hot face has been splattered all over a fancy new UK trailer for the Winding-Refn outing Only God Forgives. The new trailer shows off, well, Ryan Gosling. I guess you lot in the colonies don’t deserve such a trailer! The footage also shows off the trademark Refn style and a darker, grittier edge that even Drive can’t claim to have.

From early reviews, it seems the hyper-reality of Refn’s Bangkok doesn’t seem to live up to the full potential. Gosling’s acting chops, to me at least, should more than make up for any visual lapses. I’ll still see Only God Forgives just to see what kind of darker material that Refn and company go deeper into.