Order of the Seven gets shelved by Disney


It’s been a good year for Snow White. She’s one of the lead characters on the successful TV show Once Upon a Time, she was in the not so great Mirror Mirror and she’s getting another film released soon in the form of Snow White and the Huntsman. All in all Snow White is the new vampires. Well, now it’s time for some bad news for the pale fairy tale character. Disney’s Snow White film, Order of the Seven, has been shelved.

The film, which turned the dwarves into an international fighting team hired to protect Snow White (Saoirse Ronan) from evil, had just gotten a new draft and first time director Michael Gracey was set to direct when Disney abruptly shelved it this week. What’s to blame? John Carter of course. The epic failure of that film has Disney taking a close look at all its big budget tent poles, and while the budget for Order wasn’t known exactly it was big.

All hope is not lost for the film, which scarcely resembles its Snow White origins anymore anyway. Disney did the same thing with The Lone Ranger last year, but greenlighted it again once the budget was smaller. If we can get Johnny Depp pretending to be an American Indian back, we can get seven kung fu dwarves back too.

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Matthew Razak
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