Original Alien trailer remade, now more Prometheus-y


Alien Teaser Trailer - Prometheus Style

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Prometheus teaser trailer by now, right? I’m also sure we can all agree that Prometheus is totes definitely 100% not at all an Alien prequel, right? I mean, it’s pretty obvious. Still, there are a few whackos out there that swear it is a prequel or at least exactly like Alien. Youtube user heresjohnny1991 might be one of them, considering he recut the original Alien trailer and gave it some Prometheus flavoring. Perhaps the goal was to make the similarities between the two films more apparent, but it only further proves that they are nothing alike. I mean think about it, Idris Elba wasn’t even in Alien! Nice try, bozo.

Still, this recut trailer is pretty awesome. So much so that I might spend National Hangover Day (or New Years to the layman) revisiting the series.

[Via YouTube]