Ortega to direct Dirty Dancing remake


OK… I can do this… must muster up ability to pretend to care. Deep breathe. All right here we go.

Here’s some news that is sure to excite you, boys and girls. Kenny Ortega is going to be directing the Dirty Dancing remake. It’s going to be… awww, I just threw up a bit in my mouth. 

I’m not actually upset that Ortega is directing as he’s clearly got a knack for kid-apealing musicals. He did High School Musical after all. He’s also the guy who choreographed the original film so he clearly knows a bit about it. It’s just remaking Dirty Dancing is quite possibly one of the dumbest moves ever. The film was a cultural icon for its time. Now, it’s not quite as relevant. 

I’m sure a new screenplay will pep it up to modern day, but why not just actually take a risk and write a new movie then? Of course I have no sway over these thins so a remake is coming. Whose a modern day Patrick Swayze? Can anyone even begin to touch that hair?

[Deadline, via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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